County Clerk

Absentee Ballot Application Reminder: Applications must be updated and filed with County Clerk each calendar year (Jan-Dec). Applications must be completed and filed 60 days prior to election.
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County Clerk Stacey Shelly
County Clerk Stacey Shelly
300 Main Street, Room 7
Van Buren, Arkansas 72956
: 479-474-1312
: 479-471-3236 (fax)
: [email protected]

Chief Deputy:
Voter Registration:
What We Do
The County Clerk handles voter registration, (both absentee and early voting), marriage licensing, accounts payable, and payroll for the Courthouse. The County Clerk's office also handles Quorum Court Ordinances, Resolutions, and Minutes of Meetings.

The County Clerk's office houses the County Court Records, Annexations, Articles of Incorporation, Levy of taxes, Board appointments, bonds, improvement districts, right of way acquisition, contracts, and agreements signed by the County Judge. This office also holds the administrative details for the County Board of Election Commissioners. The County Clerk's office has information on the Board of Equalization and the financial information of the entire County government. They also hold the budgets for each department of the county.

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